Assuming that they don’t use bullets and Yang only uses punches while Mercury only uses kicking then Yang is at a major disadvantage. Like I’ve said before, Mercury’s legs are longer than Yang’s arms. But along with that, think about this, what’s the one thing most able bodied people do daily?…

Okay people are we forgetting the powerful and major kicks yang does in the yellow trailer??? Also that part in Episode 8 where she kinda holds the Nevermore’s mouth open with one arm and her legs? I mean she has to have strong legs in order to do that, right? Also I have heard people saying (I cannot attest to this) that Yangs fighting style is a combo of both boxing and karate. Of course I know nothing of boxing or karate so you may have to decide for yourself on that. Also Yang used Ember Celicia to launch herself in the Emerald Forest and to speed herself up in order to knock Melanie out of the way, in the yellow trailer so she could deal with Militia. Also she uses Ember Celicia momentum similar to how Ruby uses Crescent Rose. So if Yang loses it will probably be more likely due to her underestimating Mercury or just flat out being outclassed in experience. Not because of her using her arms or him using his feet